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Boarding Foaling Services

Breaking News! Click here for the 2008 Foaling Season Arrivals!

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As the mare nears her foaling date, she is moved into the Foaling Barn where she will be monitored 24 hours a day. The condition of the mare is observed and noted accordingly by the foaling manager. In addition, each of the foaling stalls is covered by CCTV system that allows the attendant to watch all foaling stalls on color monitors. Each camera is equipped with infrared coverage so that monitoring can continue when a stall is dark.
At the first sign of labor, the foaling team is in the stall, assisting the mare until the foal is born, cleaned, treated, standing and nursing and able to be on its own with its mother. Continuous monitoring of the mare and foal is following until all foreseen complications have passed.
Successful foaling requires diligence and proper planning. We accept a limited number of mares for foaling. By keeping the mares in residence to a limited number, it ensures individual, hands on care. We specialize in offering full mare care and foaling for participation in the Pennsylvania Breeding Fund Program. newborn foal and mare
The WynOaks Farm team consists of experts with more than 30 years foaling experience. The foaling services include mare watch and preparation, nightly tail wrapping and cleaning, initial postpartum exam of mare and foal and routine, uncomplicated delivery.

WynOaks Farm is a new facility featuring custom designed barns and paddocks. Our foaling barn is personally monitored and assisted by closed circuit TV. All foaling stalls are equipped with protective features.

Additionally, proper ventilation is top priority; promoting a clean, comfortable environment for mare and foal. Dedicated pasture paddocks provide optimal recuperation for the mare and a stress free friendly environment for the foal.

During the foaling season veterinarian services are provided daily and are on 24 hour call for possible foaling emergencies. WynOaks Farm also provides an on-site colostrum bank.

Mare and foal bonding
The foal is placed in front of the mare and the imprinting starts. The mare immediately starts to love and bond with the foal. The staff rubs down the foal with clean towels; warming them up and promoting good circulation. Staff stays with the mare and foal, helping the foal to stand and encouraging them to nurse. The foal is handled throughout this process.
In the days and weeks to follow, the foal is introduced to the halter and lead rope regularly. The mare and foal lead in and out daily to an individual paddock until of age when they are turned out with other mares and foals of similar age and size.