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The splendid facilities and fertile pastures of WynOaks Farm are ideal in the operation of our successful thoroughbred nursery specializing in raising racehorses.

Situated on 97 rolling acres of countryside in York County in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, our new barns, pastures and paddocks sit atop rolling green hills - the perfect environment for your thoroughbred.

WynOaks Farm offers Pennsylvania a new state-of-the-art facility, full construction will include an additional 28 stall Broodmare Barn equipped with several foaling stalls, a Stallion Barn capable of standing 6 class stallions, multiple large (32’X64’) run-in sheds, and both large and small pastures and paddocks.

Careful consideration has been given to the lay out and construction of the entire facility optimizing not only the farm’s natural beauty, but also to give consideration to the safety and well-being of the horses. Additionally we consult with local experts to help us effectively manage the land and to determine the composition of the soil and native grasses in order to optimize the nutritional value of the pastures.


WynOaks Farm barns are of new construction. All are center aisle design with sliding doors at each end providing excellent cross ventilation.


Front and rear stall doors and ceiling fans in each stall provides maximum ventilation for all horses. All stalls are designed with the highest level of safety and health for your horse.



Fences are built of oak; four-board and solid treated post construction. Corners are rounded for safety. All pasture gates on the farm are kept locked, again to ensure safety.

Run-In Sheds

The run-in sheds located in the pastures are 32' x 64' concrete block construction; cool in the summer and warm in winter months. The run-in sheds are bedded with straw and are stocked with free choice hayracks and salt.

Pastures and Paddocks

Finally, there are large, grassy "turn-out" pastures for mares and their foals, mares in foal, weanlings, yearlings, horses on a slow mend...and those who, from soreness of body or spirit, need "freshening" - a chance to roll in the grass and cavort, a vacation from the noise and confinement of barn life and the stresses of racing. We offer large turnout paddocks, each equipped with automatic watering systems.

Our pastures are well maintained with yearly samples taken from the fields to test in order to maintain balanced levels of vitamins and minerals. Nutritional consultants are utilized year round to promote healthy, balanced, individualized feed programs for every horse.

Pastures are of bluegrass, timothy, clover. The pastures are mowed, fertilized and limed on a regular schedule.

Health Care

At WynOaks Farm, we inspect every horse several times daily. Any issue--whether it’s nutrition, breeding, shoeing, disease prevention, or just the emotional well-being of the animal—receives the immediate attention of our managers and staff.

Coggins Test

A negative Coggins Test for Equine Infectious Anemia, EIA within twelve months is required before arrival.


An Equine Dentist checks the horses at least once a year. WynOaks Farm will schedule dental services for our clients upon request.

Worming and Medications

Mares are wormed every eight weeks. Foals are wormed monthly. Upon arrival all horses are wormed and are not turned out on pastures or paddocks until forty-eight hours after worming.

Daily medications that the farm owner can administer will be given at no charge.

Owners are responsible for the cost of medications and veterinary services.

Blacksmith/Ferrier Services

Trimming is scheduled every six to eight weeks or as necessary.


Vaccinations required before arrival and boostered yearly or every 6 months as necessary include:

  · EEE/WEE;
· Potomac Horse Fever, PHF;
· Rhino/Flu;
· Tetanus;
· Rabies
· West Nile
· Botulism if requested by owner.

Veterinarian Services

Quality veterinary service is always available, including surgical facilities within minutes of the farm provided by New Bolton Center School of Veterinary Medicine.

All boarded thoroughbreds are placed on our veterinary maintenance plan that ensures routine medical needs – shots, worming, tooth care – are all automatically scheduled and addressed.